I came into YOUR PLACE OR MINE excited that it would be a nice, warm, fuzzy, and cheesy rom-com…(not to mention I saw them film the majority of the NYC scenes!) Overall, it was just too disjointed and poorly executed to make it enjoyable, even as a silly rom-com.

The movie was your classic “NYC-and-LA-let’s-swap-lifestyles-for-a-week-and-see-what-happens” film! While it has been done a million times before, making it remotely interesting can still be enjoyable for a one-time watch. But that wasn’t the case here – what you get is a complete failure-to-launch rom-com with two amazing stars’ (Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon) talents absolutely wasted.

While it showed some NYC locations I was curious to see the inside of, and the soundtrack was decent, YOUR PLACE OR MINE could not be saved otherwise.

YOUR PLACE OR MINE is a movie that rom-com enthusiasts can skip. You can watch YOUR PLACE OR MINE on Netflix.

Vanessa Szajnberg

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