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Who would love to start the year with some suspense-filled MI6/CIA/Russian Spy suspenseful drama? If so, then TREASON is the British mini tv series just for you!

You follow Adam Lawrence (Charlie Cox), who appears to be a career-set and happy-go-lucky MI6 deputy. Nothing can ruin his blissful London life with his family until Kara (Olga Kurylenko), an old Russian spy, reappears back into his life again. And just like that, we are taken into a real-life chess game between the agencies and who you choose to trust.

I like how TREASON stays realistic to how the actions of an agent would act in today’s world. TREASON seldom contains crazy stunts, yet you are still on the edge of your seat watching all five episodes. It did have a lot of product placement, which reminded me that anything could be used for good or nefarious reasons.

Like most British TV series, they wrapped the mini-series TREASON in a nice box at the end, leaving me completely satisfied.

You can catch TREASON on Netflix right now for a limited time.

Vanessa Szajnberg

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