What is SpoilerFreeReviews?

SpoilerFreeReviews is the place for passionate content junkies to read the latest reviews in all forms of media (Movies, TV, Music, Books and Comics, Video Games, and more) without having it spoiled. Join us as we steer you to the best content to consume without spoiling it.

SpoilerFreeReviews was founded in October 2020 by Aaron Goldstein and Tarush Mohanti.

What do we believe in?

  1. Passion equals engagement. The more passionate we are about content, the more our audiences will come back to SFR
  2. We are all inspired, creative and insightful. This means we bring our best selves to SFR. We strive to put ourselves out there and #DareToBeGreat in the content we produce. We will educate (not debate) with others on why a movie like “The Sixth Sense” is not as good as “Stir of Echoes” or why Zack Snyder should retire
  3. We wait for no one and just start doing…stuff. We are self-starters. We do not need to wait for approval. We push forward as an autonomous group of content fans and share our knowledge with the world through SFR

Check out our Contributors to find out more about us and Write for SFR if you’d like to join the team!