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FROM SCRATCH will make you laugh, cry, and even learn some Italian and Sicilian.

Amy (Zoe Saldaña) is an American art student in Florence with stereotypical annoying Americans. She’s enjoying her art six-week study program when she accidentally meets a hot Italian man named Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea), who trolls her.

And then, for the next eight episodes, you follow them and their love story, which will take you on an excellent ride.

The show is multilingual, so English, Italian, and Sicilian are spoken interchangeably. In addition, they play Italian music to accompany most of the scenes. Which I enjoyed, and I have it all queued up on my music streaming apps.

I am absolutely shocked by the caliber of the show FROM SCRATCH. Audiences will think it was from Apple TV+, but it is a Netflix show! They have stepped up their game for dramas, and I love it, and you will enjoy it too.

You can watch FROM SCRATCH on Netflix now.

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