You don’t need a “guide” to know that WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS is worth carving out time to watch in your nightlife.

E1-E2 🤩/😊

“Even though season five has a slow-burn plot that I wanted more of, one can’t hide the fact that this show continues to annually be one of the best comedies.”

– Aaron


“WWIDTS is character-driven, but beyond that, whenever we get episodes like this, where our lovable blood-suckers are put in ridiculous situations, I’m reminded why I love this show and the film that inspired five delicious seasons.

– Tarush


THE CAMPAIGN wisely reunites Colin’s energy vampire with the emotional vampire, played wonderfully by Vanessa Bayer. The pair have fun “Collinizing” Staten Island in the funniest episode yet in season five. Their sheer energy (or should I say “lack thereof”) works so well that I would love to see them team up more in the future.

– Aaron


I normally enjoy any episode where we’re treated to a Guillermo-sans-Nandor adventure, but in LOCAL NEWS, his interactions with his human family showed a side of him I dislike.

– Jami


For a show about vampires, creatures of the undead, WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS isn’t usually scary – but the latest episode leans into the horrors of a haunted hospital, providing some genuine chills.

– Tarush


“Doug Jones as The Baron makes a welcome guest star return. The consequences involve my second favorite character on the show, Guillermo (Harvey Guillén), and his exchanges with The Baron flowed hilariously.”

– Aaron

E9-E10 🤩

“Even with the muted final two episodes, season five is easily the best overall season of WWDITS. It had suspense, action, absurd comedy, and a whole lotta heart for a sitcom about dead people.”

– Aaron

S5 is available on Hulu FX.

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