Since E9 and E10 aired together last week, so it makes sense to review both together as we wind down season five.

The big takeaway after the funniest season yet of WWDITS is that this show, for better or worse, will not have characters grow huge leaps and bonds like a SCHITT’S CREEK. Instead, it will have the leads take one step forward and a few back as they love to repeat and reset the “stakes.”

E9 and E10 are really good, but they didn’t quite hit the same emotional highs from the Colin Robinson story arc of season three. However, because I laughed so much in the final two episodes and this season, they are still elevated to a 🤩. Also, props to the series for continuing to reinvent how to do celebrity cameos. The Patton Oswalt scenes were hysterical and a perfect punction for Nandor to learn what it means to be a friend.

Even with the muted final two episodes, season five is easily the best overall season of WWDITS. It had suspense, action, absurd comedy, and a whole lotta heart for a sitcom about dead people.

It’s available on Hulu FX.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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