I have always been a BOB’S BURGERS fan, even though I have not been able to keep up with the TV show. Also, the timing to release THE BOB’S BURGERS MOVIE was perfect since Memorial Day weekend is known for celebrations containing burgers and being with family.

THE BOB’S BURGERS MOVIE absolutely met my expectations and left me humming the melodies from the movie while leaving the theatre. It felt like a unique movie experience instead of an extended episode of the series.

The animation was very smooth, and it provided me with an immersive look into the world of BOB’S BURGERS.

The songs were particularly memorable, and I loved how they did choruses and adorable dancing animations to accompany the musical pieces.

The BOB’S BURGERS movie also focuses on each character giving them more depth than I think you’d usually see when watching the show, and for a passive fan like myself, it is fantastic!

THE BOB’S BURGERS MOVIE is currently playing in theatres.

Vanessa Szajnberg

Cloud manipulator, F1 enthusiast, and S.H.I.E.L.D. recruited.

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