The power of perception was the theme of GASLIT this week. The dishonest men who controlled our country during the Watergate political scandal worked extremely hard to make sure the public believed their lies and deceit. Nothing has changed over the years. 

This is what makes GASLIT so compelling to watch. There were only a handful of people who told the truth.  The others were dismissed, ruined, and sent away from DC. What a loss and kudos to the writers for shining a light on flailing integrity. Martha Mitchell (Julia Roberts), is not an American hero. Nor is John Dean ( Dan Stevens). They just did the right thing at the right time. Their acting skills personified the fear and insecurity the real-life people must have felt. 

My heart also ached for two others: Mo Dean (Betty Gilpin), and Frank Wills (Patrick R. walker). Mo showed her love for her husband over and over again, and Frank tried to be true to his Georgia roots. These two supporting roles moved the story forward. Brilliant and yet, subtle performances. 

GASLIT is a well-produced historical series. We all know the outcome, but it is the brave journey that keeps me watching each week. It is available to stream on STARZ. 

Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about playing her violin, walking, gardening, and reading murder mysteries.

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