Bullet Train poser

I went to see BULLET TRAIN with only a movie poster advertisement and a teaser trailer I saw months ago. But I absolutely loved it from the start through the finish! The movie played like your typical Japanese movie, almost.

You follow assassin Ladybug, who gets a gig from his handler due to another assassin taking a sick day, and then you aboard the BULLET TRAIN of excitement. While it was the longest BULLET TRAIN ride I have ever witnessed (I took the real BULLET TRAIN before), the actors’ comedic/actiony bits and the soundtrack kept me going.

The soundtrack is something I would queue up in my Spotify playlist as it was superb. It had many well-known English songs dubbed into Japanese, and they even included some super traditional Japanese songs such as Sukiyaki (上を向いて歩こう).

They also got it perfect on the train culture in Japan, even by covering up the local brands with made-up movie ones.

The character Ladybug (Brad Pitt) was my absolute favorite! I don’t know if the character was initially written that way in the book or not, but he just seemed like the guy I could easily relate to. A guy just trying to get the job done because someone else called out sick.

I enjoyed all the characters in the movie. It felt like a misfit island of people all stuck on a train – not sure what could happen next.

You can watch BULLET TRAIN in theatres now!

Vanessa Szajnberg

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