The only real complaint I have with THE BOYS this season are the ridiculously long titles they’ve had for episodes that I’ve had to review. That aside, this show just keeps on delivering. While I would give HEROGASM 🤩 as well, I did think it was overhyped. Particularly since HERE COMES A CANDLE TO LIGHT YOU TO BED is a much stronger episode.

Here’s an episode where everyone gets something great from a storyline perspective. We get a great deal of character development with Black Noir and Butcher. And I think in regards to Butcher’s storyline especially, we have spent this season wondering how different is he really from Homelander? And we get an answer to that in this episode. There’s a huge difference. Lastly, we finally get a peek into why he is the way he is, which in and of itself is incredibly rewarding.

And it all has to do with “family,” which has been the throughline theme of this episode in particular. We see several characters either traumatized by the idea of family or comforted by it. However, we also see some twisting the notion of family for their own sick and twisted agendas. And that was a powerful connector allowing the audience to relate to or empathize with characters while being absolutely disgusted with a few. In other words, a perfect episode of THE BOYS.

From an action perspective, there’s a bit less to write about this episode compared to the perfect 3-on-1 match we were treated to in the previous one. But the revelations are truly shocking and rewarding. There are genuine twists in this episode that allow the show to do what it does best – remain unpredictable!

With only one episode left this season, Aaron and I think this may be the first show of the season where all episodes are 🤩. And frankly, with episodes like this, we can firmly say Eric Kripke and his family have certainly earned it!

THE BOYS S3E7 is now streaming on Amazon Prime!

Mike Manalo

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