When the fourth episode of MS. MARVEL begins, we’ve seen over two hours of story, Kamala Khan use some of her new-found powers, but we haven’t yet seen her become the titular character. This is a longer origin story than we’re used to seeing in the greater MCU, but it’s so incredibly charming that I’m enjoying every second of the journey.  

After the events of last week, it’s time for Kamala to dive deeper into her family history and the origins of the bangle that has unlocked her powers. Post a slow start, more introductions of new characters, and some necessary exposition, MS. MARVEL week 4 launches into a thrilling action sequence complete with fighting, chases, and of course, some super-heroine powers. 

MS. MARVEL succeeds in places where MOON KNIGHT failed. Both have complex backstories about the origins of the protagonist’s special powers, but for every confusing plot choice in the earlier Disney+ series, MS. MARVEL does a much better job of both telling us and showing us how Kamala got to this point. 

The themes here revolve heavily around a first-generation American teenage girl finding her place in the world. This is something all teens go through, I know I did. But I imagine it’s extra challenging to the children of immigrant parents, bridging their family’s history, while growing up in a very different culture. As I mentioned in an earlier review, MS. MARVEL is the most accessible of the new MCU tales, and I really hope it brings in millions of new fans who will pick up the comic books too. 

The first four episodes of MS. MARVEL are streaming on Disney+.   

Jami Losurdo

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