"Just say yes. Assume success" - Baron Wolman

I’m thankful that Sophie Kipner served Baron Wolman a vodka tonic in a darkened bar. Without that chance encounter, audiences wouldn’t have this lovable short documentary about two artists that quickly become close friends. 

Sophie Kipner

Meet Sopie Kipner

She’s a visual artist and writer best known for her work as a blind contourist. She paints without looking at her work until it’s ready to be colored in and shaded. 

Baron Wolman in the 1960s

Meet Baron Wolman

He’s an iconic American photographer best known for pictures from the 1960s that captured some of the largest music events in history, including Woodstock.

The challenge: Sophie will turn one of Baron’s most difficult pictures into art using the blind contourist method.

The picture Sophie picked from Woodstock 1969

While this setup might sound similar to the criminally under-watched TIM’S VERMEER, it’s strikingly different because it focuses on the magic of friendship. Regardless of literally watching paint dry on the screen, it’s entertaining because audiences are viewing two artists passionate about their art and friendship. 

It’s remarkable how Sophie and Baron’s world views are different yet similar. Baron used the camera to protect himself from the chaotic world while Sophie picked up a brush. Baron saw his subjects, Sophie looked away to create her art. I credit the director, Alexandria Jackson, who captures both leads in a venerable state. 

SOPHIE AND THE BARON is a gentle canvas viewing with two endearing characters full of wisdom, life, and love. 

It’s not available to view currently but is being positioned as Disney’s submission for Best Short Documentary at the Oscars.

Here’s the film’s website for more details.

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