Rand is back!

After two mediocre episodes, the lovable loser, Rand (Seth Rogen) is finally back to save the day. The last two episodes stretched similar themes on repeat versus moving the plot forward. Whereas E7 DESTROYER OF WORLDS has a long-awaited confrontation that pays off exactly how audiences hoped it would. 🔥 

The message, “you did this to yourself,” is heard loud and clear with the consequences that both Tommy (Sebastian Stan) and Rand face. But in their macho battle, the innocent bystander/victim is Pam (Lilly James). It’s devasting to see what the leaked sex tape does to her career and how little Tommy gets affected by it. As she watches SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE in one scene, I wanted her desperately to have her “meet-cute” moment where she gets her version of Tom Hanks. But alas, this is not that story. 

“All Bad Things” are officially out in the open as we watch Pam let out a “Primal Scream” this week. But, despite Tommy and Rand’s personas being “Louder than Hell,” it’s Pam’s heart that has me excited for next week’s season finale. 

It’s available on Hulu. 

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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