Rather than propel the plot forward this week, the show takes a tonal shift, giving us the backstory of a young woman from Canada who became the global star, Pamela Anderson. It’s an odd turn since we were building momentum towards the climax. My assumption is the creators wanted to give Pam’s character a bit more depth to showcase why she’s always had a hard time learning to say no.

However, if we hadn’t already seen Pam in the last few episodes dealing with the unequal treatment of the sex tape, her life, and BAYWATCH, maybe her big moment tonight would’ve hit harder. But as is, it was a great excuse to watch Lily James continue to showcase why she should win awards for her performance.

PAM & TOMMY has played the same “Sick Love Song” the last couple of weeks. The themes of Tommy’s “Wild Side” and Pam’s “Starry Eyes” are starting to get too repetitious. We now have just two episodes left for the show to go out with a bang, aka Pam giving them “Hell on High Heels.”

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