The backstory of the tripod comes full circle as we see C.W. Longbottom and Peter go head-to-head in search of an apology. But, of course, the reason to watch another episode diverging from the main plotline is living legends F. Murray Abraham and William Hurt.

Watching Longbottom (Abrahams) continue to drink to the bottom of the bottle, one can’t help but cringe. But, as the years of anger blossom into a rare form of fandom, these two characters end up with a predictable conclusion that will warm the audience’s hearts.

The final poetic scene has Hurt ask,” How much time do they have?” Abrahams responds, “Until it’s over.” One can’t help but feel this isn’t just a question of how much time the characters have left, but how long the older artists have left to entertain audiences. That sentiment brought a massive smile to my face as Murray and Abrahams enjoy a book, but of course, “watched out for the stobor.”

Until it’s time to say “Goodbye, old girl,” the latest must-watch MYTHIC QUEST is available on Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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