Following SERVANT, this will be second time I give up on a show for SpoilerFreeReviews before completing it.

The series opens up with Hazel played by Cristin Milioti who’s once again in the middle of the desert à la PALM SPRINGS vibes. Why? She’s running from her billionaire tech husband (Billy Magnussen) who wants to implant a chip into her head so he can understand her thoughts. The purpose is for couples to not have any misunderstandings. It doesn’t take an engineering genius to figure out the flaws in this plan.

So Milioti is on the run. What follows in the 3 episode premiere is her estranged dad (Ray Romano), his sex doll partner and a bull riding competition. The tone of this show is all over the map. One minute there’s extreme finger-cutting off violence and the next it has quirky indie film vibes. None of it works to put together a cohesive narrative, allowing audiences to care about Hazel’s journey. It’s disjointed, half-baked and sadly a big misfire for HBO MAX.

Before bed, Hazel’s husband always tells her, “good night Noodle, see you tomorrow.” Hazel’s husband will be seeing Noodle tomorrow, but this critic won’t be. 🤮

It’s on HBO Max.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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