This week’s special edition of ZOEY revealed big flashback moments in each of the major characters. Since it happened pre-Zoey superpowers, the majority of the episode sadly went quiet. Without the MVP musical numbers, it will leave audiences “Dreaming a Little Dream…” of more songs.

Replacing the songs this week was last season’s quiet lead, Mitch (Peter Gallagher). Seeing him in flashback mode meant audiences got to hear him talk (and sing!). Outside of his tear-worthy moments with his wife, the show lacked creative “Pure Imagination.” Rather than focus on their tender moments, the episode spent too much time on a game show-like competition to earn a job at SPRQ Point. Yes, it was fun to see the origin stories of Zoey, Max, Mo, and Leif but not enough to take away from a Mitch and Maggie reunion.

I’m just “Thinking out Loud,” but I wanted more this week. The origin stories of our favorite characters should’ve sung from the screen. Instead, it was more of a careless whisper.

It’s available on NBC / Peacock.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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