Aaron and Esta of SFR review season two of THE MORNING SHOW on Apple TV+.

If season two was a breaking news report, what would it be?

AARON: THE MORNING SHOW’s second season tries to say too much while not saying much of anything at all. 🤮

ESTA: THE MORNING SHOW does not deliver the “goods” for most of Season two. 😊

Season two MVP?

ESTA: For me, most of the main stars of the show had their moment this season. I thought Jennifer Aniston (Alex) was amazing when she found out about a character’s death. Her hell-raising argument with Chip was a homerun on the acting barometer. She showed shock, anger, and sadness all at the same time. As did Reese Witherspoon as Bailey when she was dealing with her brother’s manic episodes. Her inner strength was palatable and very convincing. Mark Duplass as Chip was superb. I could see him unraveling and losing himself in what his character was experiencing. And I have to give kudos to Billy Crudup as Cory. What a pillar of strength throughout this entire season.

AARON: So basically, you’re saying the entire cast were the MVPs? 😂 For me, the lone bright spot was Billy Crudup as Cory. His Aaron Sorkin-like monologues have been replaced with a heart. His character appears to have grown from being the Grinch to caring this season. And it’s a good thing because audiences need at least one likable character in this mess of overpaid stars. 

Let’s talk about E8 CONFIRMATIONS. Why did it work?

AARON: Simply stated, it’s because this episode captured breaking news! An important character dies, and we see every character arc come full circle as they are also trying to produce a news show. It reminded me of NEWSROOM and a mix of THE WEST WING. It was fantastic from start to finish and the lone highlight of season two. 

ESTA: So true. CONFIRMATIONS was perfect and elevated the entire season. It was dark, frenetic, and intense even in the quiet moments. The writing was fast-paced, never allowing the viewer a moment to catch their breath. The storyline showed what it takes to confirm someone’s death and the aftermath of reporting it honestly and realistically. So many of the regulars had their “aha” moments. Mia, Chip, Alex, Cory, Laura, Paige, and Stella. Bravo! Now, why couldn’t the entire season be like this?

Why was this season a letdown? What was your least favorite and Why?

ESTA: So many of the middle episodes blended into oblivion. My least favorite was episode five, GHOSTS. It’s when all the UBA team traveled to Last Vegas, but honestly, who cares?

Aaron: Ugh, I hated that episode. Alex (Jennifer Anniston) throws her back out, which somehow becomes the season’s main plot. It’s just awful writing, giving Anniston nothing but cringe-worthy dialogue to partner with her horrible performance.  

However, episode 10, FEVER, was the worst of season two for me. I think you stated it best in your review, “nothing was settled, resolved, or concluded.” Yup, after ten hours of season two, nothing gets resolved. 😤

Are you in for season three or changing the station?

ESTA: I think I will watch the first few episodes of season three just to see where they are going with the pandemic and what Alex’s cryptic message at the end actually meant. If it does not deliver, I am out.

AARON: You are kinder than me. I’m out. ✌️ 

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about playing her violin, walking, gardening, and reading murder mysteries.

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