Hey Bro! If you’re not watching this show, you’re missing out! And HAWKEYE never misses! Indeed, after a stellar 2-episode debut last week, things are getting even better!

Episode 3, ECHOS, introduces a major new character (possibly two, but we’ll see) into the MCU and fleshes said character out with a lot of pathos and sympathetic development. It also deepens the relationship between the biggest selling points of the series: Kate and Clint. You can tell in the past three episodes how much the showrunners love these characters, and that is infectious to us viewers as well because once again, we’re getting some excellent back-and-forth between Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner, and more importantly, seeing how brilliantly they function as a crime-fighting duo as well.

The episode also features an instant Top 10 MCU action sequence courtesy of directors Bert and Bertie (TROOP ZERO). Every minute of, what I’ll refer to as “the car chase” sequence, is packed full of fun, reaching a crescendo of gargantuan proportions. You’d think the tricks and gags they’re able to get away with wouldn’t work in a series meant to be more ground-level, but they totally do! Therein lies the greatest appeal of the MCU, and this episode is a testament to the fact that HAWKEYE deserves its place among the best of this franchise so far!

Additionally, there’s a lot of great emotional beats, both from the new character, as well as the emotional and personal stakes for Clint during this entire ordeal. One scene in particular with him on a phone call is incredibly sweet. The ability to spend this time with him on a deeper level than we ever have in the films allows us to invest in his familial obligations and their emotional impact on the character (not to mention the physical and psychological impact his Avengers-days have had on him). I’m also going to give major points for how they represent the challenges hearing-impaired individuals go through. Well done on that front, Marvel Studios!

My only complaint is that it was far too short, and to have to wait until next Wednesday for more is quite brutal!

HAWKEYE S1E3 – ECHOS is now available to stream on Disney+

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