The King's Man

In today’s typical fashion, we are trying to add origin stories to every movie that comes out, even if nobody asked for it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching THE KING’S MAN, but was it needed? Not entirely.

Audiences are brought to the Second Anglo-Boer War, where the English had the Dutch in camps. Naturally, when two strong sea fairing nations fight for land, they will get at odds with each other once or twice. Anyway, getting sidetracked. We meet our main cast, experience their drama and bag of tricks for pretty much the entire film, which I was okay with. It’s a very star-studded group, with Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Djimon Hounsou, and others all having great synergy, which helped out with some scenes that dragged on.

I have to admit, the way THE KING’S MAN explained World War I history was in a very entertaining manner. Sadly, most people don’t really go deep into studying World War I like they do World War II. War is horrible, and without changing history too much, THE KING’S MAN conveys that message unconsciously without being too gratuitous.

THE KING’S MAN music choices had many accompanying scenes to keep the mood upbeat. Everyone loves a good piece of Russian dance music, and somewhere in the remix, I recognize a bit of that TETRIS theme, also known as Korobeiniki.

At times, the scenic and aerial views shown in THE KING’S MAN were breathtaking, but it felt poorly chopped up, bothering me while watching it.

If you are already invested in the KINGSMAN series, I’d recommend watching the latest film. Otherwise, you can experience it whenever.

You can catch THE KING’S MAN in theatres now!

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