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In last week’s BOBA FETT review, Mike Manalo stated, “Boba Fett is a character who cannot stand on his own. I mean that both as a TV character to base a series around and narratively within the context of the story as well.” I can 100% validate that he’s correct with the latest episode. 

The challenge with CHAPTER 5 is that it’s the best BOBA FETT episode yet, and it doesn’t even feature him. What does that say about the series? It says that BOBA FETT should never have been a significant character. If THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT did a “Great Purge” of the first three chapters and started with chapters 4 and 5, audiences would love every second of them. As is, I hope that creators Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni return Boba Fett to the Bacta Tank for some more rest. 

I would have to be “so wizard” to explain this week’s episode without spoiling it. But, I can say that the “phantom” of last season plays a “menace” for any screen time for Boba Fett. 

Audiences are in for a two-part episode. It’s one part exposition dump that can be a little bit much for those not as up to date with the STAR WARS canon like Tarush and Mike. While the second part is a mix of action, rebuilding, and some of the best fan nostalgia done right in the series. 

If you haven’t started BOBA FETT yet, I recommend watching Chapters 4 and 5 while skipping the rest. You won’t miss much outside of this worthy meme:

THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT is available on Disney+.

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