I think we’re starting to find that Boba Fett is really a character who cannot stand on his own. I mean that both as a TV character to base a series around and narratively within the context of the story as well. Several times during this episode, as well as the entirety of the series so far, we’ve seen that he’d be utterly screwed without his entourage. And it makes sense. Any character who can easily be killed by an accidental smack on the jetpack by a blind Han Solo probably needs more help than most. But additionally, I hate to say it, his story so far is just not terribly compelling. And I’m finding he worked more effectively as a supporting character on a stronger show like THE MANDALORIAN; a show that I feel this spin-off seems to be coasting off of pretty desperately at this point.

THE GATHERING STORM is another such episode wherein we see how useless this character would be if not for Fennec Shand, who finally gets something to do in this series. Several times the character makes terrible choices, only to be bailed out at the last minute by Fennec. And let’s be honest. 4 episodes in, and we’ve only exclusively seen Boba make bad choices in every episode. I love Jon Favreau. I love that he loves Boba Fett. I simply do not share this love for the character. And he’s not making the case for me to do so.

Having said that, this episode is saved by much of the action (courtesy of former AGENTS OF SHIELD director Kevin Tancharoen), musical cues at the end that, I hope, may be alluding to a much needed future appearance from a beloved character (hey, gotta manifest big right?), and actual narrative progression in the present timeline. In calling out the action, there are a few heist-like elements in the first act that are pretty fun to watch, as well as some explosive, badass scenes involving a familiar ship. The episode also fills in gaps between where we first saw Fennec, and where we catch up to her and Boba in the second season of THE MANDALORIAN.

For the above reasons alone, it’s worth enduring a very cringe worthy, ALITA-like introduction involving cyborg repairs, set to the cheesiest selection of music known to man, and the sheer incompetence of a character like Boba Fett for 80% of this episode.

As they say, behind every great man is a greater woman. In THE GATHERING STORM, I only saw a greater woman. And thank God for that because this episode would be toast otherwise.

THE BOOK OF BOBA FETT CHAPTER 4: THE GATHERING STORM is now available to watch on Disney+

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