I’ve been having a tough time writing lately. Massive block. I’ve written reviews, re-written reviews, but just not posted them. They still might be coming. You’re still waiting for a very belated review from me about THE BATMAN, right? Even though my colleagues have already covered it here and here! After a couple of stressful weeks at work, I sat down last night to watch THE ADAM PROJECT because it seemed like fun entertainment that I didn’t have to think too hard for. And I was exactly right.

First things first. Quality-wise, this film is a 😊. So why did I give it a 🤩? Because it was exactly what I needed at the right time, we should never take that feeling for granted. You know, those days you’re really hungry, and you eat, say tacos… And they’re not the best tacos ever, but they really hit the spot, and you’re not hungry anymore? That’s how I felt after finishing this film. It’s a kid’s film at heart, and my favorite thing about it was how much it reminded me of movies I loved growing up like EXPLORERS, CLOAK AND DAGGER, or SPACE CAMP. Do those movies hold up to my adult 2022 senses? Probably not. But hey, they were satisfying kid fun in the 80s! 

I’m pretty sure one of the big reasons – or THE reason for my writer’s block is I’m grieving. At the end of last year, I lost my mom, and I’ve been throwing myself into work, working out, and weekend fun, but I can’t seem to string three paragraphs together, even about things I really loved. That changes right now. I’m in the third paragraph, right? THE ADAM PROJECT features an A-List cast consisting of Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Catherine Keener, plus newcomer Walker Scobell as the young titular Adam. The premise is that older Adam (Reynolds) travels back in time to stop his dad (Ruffalo) from inventing time travel, knowing that in 2050 it’s had really bad repercussions on life.

The film doesn’t explain too technically what those bad things are, but as you can guess  – bad people are taking advantage of it. The ADAM PROJECT conveys the sense of loss various characters feel, including the sudden deaths of a parental figure and a spouse. But don’t worry parents, it’s not TOO heavy, and the violence isn’t any worse than your average Marvel movie. Young Adam is twelve, and boys can be funny, curious, and kind of a pain in the butt. Adam is all of those. But he’s also a sweet, smart kid who loves his parents. Reynolds plays a similar character that we’ve seen him to before. He’s clever, quick-witted, funny, but he’s a bit of an action hero too. It’s not a stretch for him, but he is definitely subdued compared to DEADPOOL.  

Maybe because I was feeling the loss of my parents, I connected with these characters better than I expected. It made me feel like a kid again. To wonder about the future, time travel, and what’s possible. What if I could meet my 12-year-old self or my 60-year-old self? Director Shawn Levy and Reynolds obviously have lovely chemistry, and working relationship as Levy previously directed him in 2021’s FREE GUY (Also a 🤩 for me) and is announced to direct DEADPOOL 3. 

Whether you have kids or just a kid at heart, sit back and enjoy THE ADAM PROJECT. You’ll have fun, I promise. 

THE ADAM PROJECT is streaming on Netflix. 

Jami Losurdo

When not writing film and tv reviews, Jami is expanding her collection of colorful sunglasses, lifting weights, and working her day job as a Digital Advertising Director. An alumnus of NYU Tisch for Film/TV, Jami made Los Angeles her home in the early 2000s and continues her quest to find the very BEST tacos of all time.

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