“Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. Most of the time, you tie. All we can do is keep playing.” 

Wise words were spoken by Dottie (Becky Ann Baker), TED LASSO’s mom. This week several emotional arcs were realized thanks to the female ensemble and, of course, TED LASSO himself. 

Beard’s (Brendan Hunt) revelations were what audiences have been patiently waiting throughout three seasons. It was worth the time. We are reminded to never judge others at their weakest moments. We don’t have to prove ourselves. Even if we have lost our way a bit. All anyone wants is to be happy. 

Being a parent is a constant conundrum. We are pushed, pulled, and jostled in ways we never thought possible. We make a million mistakes, and we receive a million rewards. It is a humbling, heart-wrenching, over-the-moon, spectacular job because we won’t know if our choices or words are the best for our children’s future. Sometimes all we can do is watch, smile, shed a few quiet tears while we stand beside them, and perhaps offer a hug throughout their journey. One day they will either say “thank you or fu** you.” Let’s hope for “just thank you’s.”

TED LASSO offered some hilarious moments as well. Be prepared to giggle at:

  1. Town of Tooting
  2. Gotta see a man about a horse 
  3. Surrey
  4. Prickiest prick
  7. A loaf of meth
  8. Paul Hollywood’s recipes 

TED LASSO was packed with oodles of football, tears of anxiety, sheer joy, “60 pages” of redemption, hilarity, clarity, and a cliffhanger that most of us know is coming but don’t want to face. I am scared, just like Ted realizing that one day, everyone leaves. Oh, my aching, sad heart. I don’t want to imagine a world where TED LASSO is not around to lift me up with his words of inspiration and stories that make everyone feel better about themselves. I realize what his character must do, but I am just not ready. Don’t miss out on a brilliant, well-written, and executed episode. I will be waiting for Ted next week with my box of Kleenex in hand.

TED LASSO is available to stream on APPLE tv+. 

Esta Rosevear

Esta Rosevear has been a Theatre Arts teacher and director for 35+ years, published Children’s author of the Rebecca series, and is passionate about playing her violin, walking, gardening, and reading murder mysteries.

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