As a long-time Superman fan, whose seen every live-action iteration of the Man of Steel put to screen, I’m pleased to say SUPERMAN AND LOIS is still able to offer something interesting and new to the longest-running, most established, most well known superhero mythology of all time: a family drama.

While imperfect (mostly because the kids are a smidge annoying at first, in a bratty melodramatic CW way – hence the “experience whenever”) the pilot manages to set up the intriguing premise that even the greatest superhero to exist, and the foremost model of heroism, good will, justice, and truth is still a flawed parent and husband–ultimately reemphasizing the typically neglected, but extremely important notion that Superman IS the most human superhero in the DC Universe, whether people choose to see it or not.

Furthermore, the pilot, unlike many live action interpretations of Superman mythos, also firmly establishes Lois’s incredibly important role as the moral center to Clark Kent, and makes her equally important, if not more important, than Superman himself, being the brains, heart, and anchor for the hero to turn to when he makes mistakes.

We’ll see how the rest of the series plays out, but it’s promising, and COMPLETELY beats the living crap of any idiotic interpretations of Superman where he goes around being dark and broody, snapping necks, and watching his father uselessly get swept away by a freaking tornado (seriously if you don’t get why Jonathan Kent needs to die of a heart attack, you don’t get the Superman character at all! Save Martha my ass!)

SUPERMAN AND LOIS airs on The CW Tuesdays at 9pm, and streams Wednesdays on The CW’s Site (cwtv.com). You can watch the pilot here.

Mike Manalo

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