I buckled up and attempted to not be a backseat driver as THIS IS US brought audiences yet another episode of actors riding in cars. There were a few extremely touching moments, including Kevin (Justin Hartley) after just becoming a dad to two twins talking to ghost Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) receiving the fatherly advice, “decide what you want and then you go get it son.” These moments were few and far between as we were stuck watching each character deal with their own form of ZOEY like champagne problems.

This week should’ve been “one helluva ride” but it mostly chugged along “sucking the air out of the room” and served as filler leading up to the next episode. The good news is there’s a cliffhanger with Randall and his daughter, Deja (La Trice Harper). In the future she responds to how her drive was, saying, “it always goes faster than you think.” While this is a metaphor on life, here’s hoping it’s for the show to deliver a better ride when it returns.

It’s available on Peacock / NBC

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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