"It's the future. We have to respect people's beliefs."

And just like that, SOUTH PARK is back with a funny, heart-warming Christmas/Covid special. The butterfly effect is in full effect, as the older version of the boys attempt to travel back in time to stop the pangolin incident and, even more important, the making of SPACE JAM 2. 

In my review of SOUTH PARK POST COVID, I stated the boys’ friendship in SOUTH PARK makes it stand the test of time. However, I didn’t realize that Trey Parker and Matt Stone would take the word “time” literally in a BLADE RUNNER 2049 time-traveling spoof. 

It’s magical watching SOUTH PARK go after everyone equally and somehow tying it all together with IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. And by everyone, I mean anti-vaxxers, the far left, NFTs, Jews, Christians, and most importantly, Canadians. Oh, and Heather definitely farted 😂 .

My favorite two burns in the episode come at the expense of anti-vaxxers and NFT lovers. This quote sums up the hilarity and timely spoof of SOUTH PARK: “As an anti-vaxxer, you have to be strong and stand by your values even it means that others will die.”

Even if “you don’t speak Canadian,” it’s easier to understand the boys from SOUTH PARK than it’s to comprehend NFTs. Sadly, the Covid issues won’t be solved as quickly as this special. However, if there’s one thing that can unite us, it’s that the world would’ve been a better place had SPACE JAM 2 never been made. 

SOUTH PARK: POST COVID THE RETURN OF COVID, is available on Paramount+.

Here’s a farting rainbow NFT to brighten your day.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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