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“If you believe in this spirit thing, the miracle will happen and then you’ll want it to happen again tomorrow… It can happen every day, you’ve just got to want that feeling.”

– Bill Murray in SCROOGED

That’s right – it’s time to feel the moment and that holiday spirit thing. It’s time for SpoilerFreeReview’s 12 days of Christmas 2021 edition! We will be posting our favorite holiday experiences with 12 reviews and illustrations of movies, TV, and music. So sit back, enjoy some spiked eggnog, and welcome to SFR’s 12-days of Christmas 2021!🎅🏽


THIS CAST- not speaking in hyperbole here in any way. This may be one of the better cast lists of any comedy I’ve seen over the past fifteen years.

OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY was made in 2016, and fast forward five years later, and you’ll see a vast number of individuals that have made their names stealing scenes in film and television away from way more notable and established actors. People like Rob Corddry Kate Mckinnon, Sam Richardson, Vanessa Bayer, Randall Park, and Courtney B. Vance. Oh, and not to mention the three stars of the film Justin Bateman, Olivia Munn, and Jennifer Aniston.

THE SIDE STORIES- one thing that’s really strange about this movie is how much funnier the subplots are rather than the actual main story.

There’s a funny story about two office nerds trying to hook up during the party, with one of them being unable to suppress his mommy issues. There’s another one involving a guy who’s pretending to have a supermodel girlfriend and hires an escort. Also, there are the many overtly silly things that the party-goers indulge in during the Christmas party itself. A lot of sight gags mostly that are spot on and hilarious


JENNIFER ANISTON- Maybe it’s because I’m fresh off of seeing an extremely lackluster season finale to an EXTREMELY lackluster season of THE MORNING SHOW. Still, it feels as if Jennifer Aniston has been doing the same role in a different film, or movie, for decades now, even if I do know that she’s been good more often than she’s been bad.

I’ve seen her be funny. I’ve seen her be at the very least interesting in these types of grown-up R- rated comedies. She can be a lot of fun when given the right thing. But she just isn’t fun here. She (until the tail end of the third act) is the villain of the piece by all intents and purposes, and it’s very bland and uninteresting.


THE OBLIGATORY LOVE STORY- Not that this movie was on the path to greatness or anything like that, but do you know what the one thing a movie that is this zany really, really, really doesn’t need? A boring, predictable, by the numbers love story between the main character of the film, and the really hot, misunderstood genius that understands him more than anyone else. Blah, blah, blah. Not that I don’t like Munn, and I’m a huge fan of Jason Bateman, but every time this movie cuts to them doing something together, it feels like the time where I should just be using the bathroom or getting something to eat.

OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY is a really good concept for an R-rated Christmas movie I’ll give it that. But of the notable r-rated Christmas comedies that are around (and there are a lot considering how many non-traditional Christmas movies are out there) this is very middle of the pack. That’s very disappointing to say because this had all the ingredients to make an all-time classic.

I remember liking it when I first saw it on the opening night all those years ago…but now…not so much.

It’s available to stream on Hulu.

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