After tonight’s episode, I’ll be “ghosting” this season until I’m “dared” to rejoin by a certain “devil.”

Before I dive into my E7 review of SHE-HULK, I’m not upset at Marvel for having a strong woman lead character. As another contributor stated, “Jennifer Walters is intelligent, successful, well-spoken, fashionable, and seemingly well-liked even before she gets her powers. She isn’t broken.” However, I am upset that Marvel is throwing away a golden opportunity for an MCU woman-led comedy with bad scripts, horrible execution, and a meandering narrative.

I also want to say that MS. MARVEL was woman-led and far superior to SHE-HULK. And that’s not because the character wasn’t as strong. Instead, it’s due to the creators executing with good scripts, characters, and narratives.

I’ll “RETREAT” back to my E7 review. While this week wasn’t the “abomination” of E6’s wedding, it ended up being “thirsty and cliched.” I’m tired of the showrunner’s “joshing” me that the plot will move forward, but only to do the opposite with predictable semi-fun cameos like Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky.

There isn’t much to critique this week since so little happens until the last two minutes. After seven episodes of SHE-HULK, it’s clear that this is the worst MCU TV show yet. If you’re supporting this show, I’m not against you. I’m simply questioning your taste in good content. And if you have any rebuttals for that, my phone has “no service” at the moment to discuss.

The first eight episodes are available on Disney+ to skip.

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