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I thought FULL META JACKRICK was going to “do some classic adventures, like season one,” but instead, it settles for too many SOUTH PARK-inspired meta jokes. The first half of the season six return of RICK AND MORTY is easily the most clever and funniest of the season. Unfortunately, the “story lord” breaks down in the second act with repeating themes.

My favorite quotes this week:

  • “We are in a previously on spiral.”
  • “Somethings never change about mythology. There’s always an old man with soup.”
  • “He wiggled back to the meta layer in a hole via the 4th wall.”
  • “Every second we spend here is the equivalence to ten SPACE JAM cameos.”
  • “You are using Jesus to beat us up? Have you seen SOUTH PARK?”

Even with a mixed bag this week, it’s good to have RICK AND MORTY back. Any show that is “motivated” to reference the BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES poker episode while also throwing in a zillion visual puns is a winner. I can’t wait to see what happens “next time on RICK AND MORTY.”

It’s available on Adult Swim.

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