"We need to go to Panda Express."

RICK AND MORTY takes THE SIMPSONS (“A Hunka Burns in Love” and “The Last Temptation of Homer”) fortune cookie episodes to the extreme in FINAL DESMITHATION. Homer Simpson once said, “the cookie told me so.” In the fifth episode of RICK AND MORTY this season, the cookie tells Jerry to do something much more despicable. 

My favorite quotes this week, and yes, there are a lot, cause it was hilarious:

  • “Maybe I can Pokémon this shit.”
  • “These fortunes are so basic. Why wouldn’t you use it to change the world? Or at least get Nintendo to make a portable VR headset.”
  • “It’s Panda Express. The waiter is from Portland.”
  • “It’s a new thing on TAXI-talk. That’s a subculture of kids on TikTok that decided the theme to TAXI slaps.”
  • “They are controlling fate for profit.”

Tonight’s episode is broken into two distinct halves of a fortune cookie. One is instantly quotable and hilarious, while the other is non-stop action that “slaps.”

I highly recommend watching E5… but you may want to view it without your mom.

It’s available on Adult Swim.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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