The latest from producer Taika Waititi has more in common with HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE than RESERVOIR DOGS. The show is a meandering couple of days with a group of “bad guys trying to be vigilantes” living on the reservation in a small town outside of Oklahoma.

I love it when a show knows its tone in a premiere episode. Each character in RESERVATION DOGS feels like a fully fleshed-out person with a thousand backstory vignettes to tell. The two-episode premiere felt like being transported to early David Gordon Green (GEORGE WASHINGTON or ALL THE REAL GIRLS) lyricism, but with more comedy. From the random WILLOW references, TLC singing, “Catfish is life” way, this show is exceptionally quirky.

Not much happened in the two-episode premiere – but I believe that’s the point. Life is kinda pointless at times, and Taika Waititi and creator, Sterlin Harjo, capture that aimless feeling to perfection.

In other words, it goes down much easier than a bag of Flaming Flamers.

It’s available on Hulu FX.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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