Wait, episode eight was the mid-season finale of season two? Well, that was an underwritten season. I expected the Tillermans’ to have some plot progression, but nothing substantial happens. Even a show about nothing (SEINFELD) had more forward momentum than the last eight episodes of CENTRAL PARK.

This past season, I gave out six 😊, two 🤮, and one 🤩. That means the first half of season two is sadly an experience whenever 😊.


  • E8: The “Hunter Gather” MISERY spoof novels.
  • E6’s act two non-spoken musical violin montage is one of the best TV animated sequences of all time. It should leave audiences crying like the opening of UP.
  • A heartwarming song about mother’s day called “All About You.”
  • And, of course, the POW POW BOOMS BOOMS.


  • Anything having to do with Bitsy. From keeping it “low key” to a “shadow” from the past with penis jokes.

Final Thoughts:

While the songs soar, the rest falls flat in season two. Loren Bouchard’s style is for characters to deliver their lines monotone and matter of fact. This style works brilliantly for BOB’S BURGERS, but it clashes directly with musicals. The uniqueness of characters and stories is why people tune in to watch. Unfortunately, most of the characters on CENTRAL PARK are either kind and bland or mean and ugly. They are so one-note that when the music stops, the series momentum stalled.

S2 is available on Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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