"Kickstart My Heart" for some fun mayhem from the director that brought us I, TONYA

It’s only two months into 2022, and I’ve officially seen the craziest sh*t in a TV series this year – a talking prosthetic penis voiced by Jason Mantzoukas. It’s an extremely “hard” trick to pull off. Yet Tommy Lee’s talking penis fits the tone perfectly for the director, Craig Gillespie. 

This TV series has a ton of sex and characters misbehaving. Think of it as BOOGIE NIGHTS meets I, TONYA with a bit of THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Yet, despite all three male leads, Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan), Rand (Seth Rogen), and Uncle Miltie (Nick Offerman), having fun, what draws us through this cesspool of characters is Lily James’s award-worthy performance as Pam Anderson. 

As a teen of the mid-90s, I remember Pam Anderson’s not-so memorable performances on BAYWATCH and being one of the only people in the theater to see her massive flop, BARB WIRE. Because of this, it’s mesmerizing to see Lily James not just look like Anderson but also capture her essence. A Canadian star who falls in love way too quickly with one too many bad boys.

Here’s my ranking of the three-episode premiere:

  • E1 DRILLING AND POUNDING 😊 – All set up with too much Seth Rogan and not enough Lily James.
  • E2 I LOVE YOU, TOMMY 🤩 – The insane love story begins and gives the audience someone to root for with Pam.
  • E3 JANE FONDA 🤩 – The internet and porn industry convergence leads to the plot progression that will surely come to a head next week.

There’s a lot to like in PAM & TOMMY. And I’m counting on series showrunner Robert Siegel (THE WRESTLER & THE FOUNDER) to take us “Home Sweet Home” by the end of it. 

It’s available on Hulu. 

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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