MYTHIC QUEST S3 E1 🤩 and E2 😊

It’s been a while since David (David Hornsby) was the “child” left behind due to the decisions his “parents,” Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao), made in the season two finale. And a brilliant opening montage catches audiences up on what’s happened since our last encounter with our favorite game developers. And just like previous seasons, the show kicks off with a sarcastic episode that tugs at the heartstrings. It’s no secret that the actor that plays C.W., F. Murray Abraham, did not return for season three. And how they handle this gap makes for a beautiful setup in E1.

While the heart of the two-episode premiere is in E1, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, E2, PARTNERS feels more like a setup for E3. It’s not necessarily a bad twenty-five minutes of TV, but it didn’t feel thematically like it should’ve been coupled with E1.

C.W. once said, “hold onto each other for as long as you can, ’cause that’s all there is.” I encourage audiences to hold onto this show and discuss it more. It’s excellent TV that deserves a bigger audience than its niche following.

Season three’s first two episodes are available on Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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