LUCKY HANK’s observational voiceovers are becoming an unfunny version of SEINFELD. Each week, either Hank or his wife, Lily, states the show’s theme, and it then dives into the boring details of middle-aged life. This week’s theme is that Lily is “way too happy,” and Hank can’t figure out why he gave her the cheek during a morning kiss.

Like E6, THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO has one fantastic jaw-dropping sequence worth watching. This one occurs in a New York cafe and is reason enough for me not to “divorce” myself from watching.

And that is the rub for LUCKY HANK. Hank is lucky enough to realize that he needs to go “all in and make a choice,” yet, like the first season, he might be too late. This is perfectly captured when Hank tries to decide between a jar of pickles. Does he go for the green-labeled good pickles or the better blue-labeled jar? The verdict is out on what he chooses for next week’s season finale. And I’ll be there to find out what ends up on “The Chopping Block.

LUCKY HANK is available on AMC.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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