“If you believe in this spirit thing, the miracle will happen and then you’ll want it to happen again tomorrow… It can happen every day, you’ve just got to want that feeling.”

– Bill Murray in SCROOGED

That’s right – it’s time to feel the moment and that holiday spirit thing. It’s time for SpoilerFreeReview’s 12 days of Christmas 2021 edition! We will be posting our favorite holiday experiences with 12 reviews and illustrations of movies, TV, and music. So sit back, enjoy some spiked eggnog, and welcome to SFR’s 12-days of Christmas 2021!🎅🏽

I am absolutely drawn to any movie that has an Asian man and white woman partnership because they are slowly becoming more mainstream in regular cinema. LAST CHRISTMAS delivers on that in a beautiful and odd way- while also constantly drilling this song into your head.

Audiences follow the leads around London at Christmas time. Kate (Emilia Clarke) needs any job she can get, so she naturally goes into retail, at, you know it, a Christmas store! Michelle Yeoh’s character is the store manager. And as expected, audiences are treated to the antics they’d expect from a so-so retail employee and a manager who wants her employee to do their job. Suddenly, Tom (Henry Golding) shows up and is just non-stop flirting with Kate, and you are genuinely happy for the two for the majority of the movie.

You start to see Kate turn her life around and find out that she has other talents than just taming dragons! And, whether you like it or not, she’s well aware of the song “Last Christmas” by George Michael. 

Emilia Clarke is talented at playing a down on their luck British woman trying to get by. Then the movie introduces a guy companion to interact with her, and everything becomes honky dory.

Henry Golding is trying all cups of tea in the movie industry. I love him in anything romantic and with a dash of thriller or drama or comedy. He does it so well and is a complete natural!

Henry and Emilia’s chemistry works pleasingly on the big screen and playing together in a Christmas movie. It all seems very convincing, making LAST CHRISTMAS a holiday standard in my library, that’s for sure!

LAST CHRISTMAS is available to rent or own wherever you get your movies. 

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