INVINCIBLE’s season 1 finale does exactly what it needs to and expertly crafts what’s up next for the protagonist in season 2. The violence this week goes even further than last week’s bonkers outing. Yet emotionally, it’s tougher to witness since it comes at the expense of a teenager.

My only complaint is that it spends too much time repeating “daddy issue” themes with OmniMan vs. Invincible. The audience gets it. We don’t need four-plus speeches about why Omniman is doing what he’s doing on #NowPressRepeat.

Once the episode switches to “showing it/not telling it,” it becomes a classic. Watching Invincible struggle against Omniman is devastatingly emotional. Even more powerful is watching him find his footing in the aftermath of the big reveal. Mark being visited by his friends at the end of this episode is the perfect segue. It sets up the dynamic duo that will have to face a slew of “big bads” next season. Equally enjoyable is seeing Invincible have a telepathic conversation with an old nemesis about what he’s feeling. There’s the classic trope with a random character coming in to hear and recap the season and Seth Rogan as Allen the Alien hits it out of this world.

I can’t wait for the next season as Mark attempts to “finish high school.”

Full season review coming soon!

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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