Calling it now. THE MITCHELLS VS. THE MACHINES will be next year’s frontrunner for the Best Animated Feature Oscar.

While Pixar released my favorite movie of last year, and one of the best films in their cannon, SOUL, other recent lacklusters like GOOD DINOSAUR, CARS 3, and ONWARD are indicators that the company just doesn’t have the consistency it used to. Which means the crown is up for the taking.

With their partnership with Lord and Miller, Sony Pictures Animation could be the next champion. After INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE beat both INCREDIBLES 2 and RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET at the Oscars in 2018, folks were eager to see how they’d follow up that success. And I’m thrilled to say THE MITCHELLS VS THE MACHINES is such a worthy successor! The film is filled to the brim with laughter and biting, smart satire, but manages to prioritize its brilliant heart with brilliant characters and amazing relationships. The animation is dazzling, seemlessly blending great computer animation with fantastic 2D doodles to create a unique style of its own! The voice cast is brilliant and, my god, did I mention the gags are hilarious yet? I did? Oh well that’s how funny they are!

Also, the amazing action sequences are 100x better than anything in the turd that was MORTAL KOMBAT.

Quit reading this and enjoy this amazing movie now on Netflix!

Mike Manalo

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