When the first season of the police procedural from the BBC was released in the states, I had the chance to watch it almost ten years ago (time flies). I got caught up with life and did not watch the next seasons. But as with everything pandemic-related, I have had the chance to watch all five seasons, based on the novels by Peter Robinson, and simply put, DCI BANKS is one of the best police shows – ever.

Start with the great source material and superior adaptation to the screen, then add a perfect cast, led by Stephen Tompkinson in the title role, and you have a weekly who-dun-it that stands with the best. Taking place in Yorkshire, Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks, with Andrea Lowe as Detective Sergeant Annie Cabbot and Caroline Catz as Detective Inspector Helen Morton, show the toll this kind of stressful job takes on their daily lives. But their dedication to their jobs and to each other, coupled with the processes and procedures in catching murderers, makes DCI BANKS riveting, show after show. Those of you that have watched this show are in the know. Those of you that have not, get watching. I already miss Alan and his team.

Available on Amazon Prime, all five seasons of CDI BANKS are must-see-TV – SEE IT!

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