I always love watching documentaries about people finding something that will profoundly affect their lives or just unexplainable occurrences in the world.

In FOUND, we follow three Chinese adoptees who accidentally find each other on 23andme. They connect on the platform and try to figure out where they originally came from. What’s interesting is that, out of the three girls we follow, one of them absolutely has no interest in finding her origins. However, the other two cousins want to know everything – or at least as much they can get from the agency that helps adoptees find their birth parents.

Often, adoption stories mainly focus on the adoptees and their emotions. However, in this film, the narrative also includes the parents heavily. I enjoy that since you see 360 the full story from their start to the current day. Also, it’s nice to know there are agencies in China that will try to assist these adoptees in the hope of finding their birth parents, or at least any leads to it.

FOUND is a feel-good documentary I believe in and would recommend others to watch on Netflix!

Vanessa Szajnberg

Living in the clouds as an engineer. She is a movie enthusiast, globe trotter, dog-loving, and Formula One gear head.

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