Dave takes a trip to Rick Rubin’s house to “go inward” and see if he can become one of the great rappers. The show has been building up to Dave, leaving his ego behind, and ENLIGHTENED DAVE explores that process through a float tank and some hallucinogenics.

Last week was about Dave’s mom, Carol (Gina Hecht), teaching Dave to “stop being so selfish, you’re almost thirty years old.” This week, he “literally” takes the plunge.

Look, a lot of weird stuff happens in this episode, from cannibalism, a rapping shaved-head version of Dave, confessions of not understanding MEN IN BLACK, and an anteater. It’s not your typical episode. However, it cues up the season finale to hopefully have Dave do what he does best – rap.

This “multi-layered white” episode is available on FX.

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