And just like that, the second season of DAVE has developed a complete story arc. Dave suffers a setback in THE BURDS and moves in with his adorable bickering parents, Carol (Gina Hecht) and Don (David Paymer). While living under his mom’s roof, having his sandwiches cut into perfect triangles, he finally realizes that he should’ve had his girlfriend’s back by doing more than just throwing up on it.

As Carol tells her narcissistic son, “stop being so selfish, you’re almost thirty years old,” you can’t help but feel annoyed and a bit sorry for how Dave has messed up so badly. With the turn of events that happen at the end of this episode, I’m curious to see where the creators will take this show from here. Ally (Taylor Misiak) was the grounding force that keeps this ridiculous comedy balanced. With only two episodes left this season, it will be intriguing to see what path Dave goes down.

If you’re looking to feel somber, check out the latest DAVE on FX.

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