I was surprised how much I loved CRUELLA. The fashion-oriented plot, the “needle drop” soundtrack, and the lively characters all combined to make this a must-watch in my book.

As a lifelong dog lover, I never thought I’d be able to sympathize with Cruella de Vil, of all characters. There’s nothing even vaguely sympathetic about her in 101 DALMATIANS – I mean, her whole thing is to kill dogs for coats. But Emma Stone’s portrayal and the (mostly) sensical story turned that around for me.

This movie has so much fun with its plot – over-the-top fashion hijinks, heists, witty banter, and references to the DALMATIANS films. It was simply an enjoyable movie to watch. Plus the dynamic between Emma Stone and Emma Thompson is excellent.
CRUELLA is now playing in theaters (where I watched it) and with Premier Access on Disney+.

If you need more convincing, check out Esta Rosevear’s excellent review of this movie as well: https://www.spoilerfreereviews.com/post/cruella

Tarush Mohanti

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