This BBC detective series is a fascinating prequel to the very popular Inspector Morse series, both set in Oxford, England. Shaun Evans plays the young Morse, starting off his career as a detective in the early 1960s, that faithfully recreates the era of the 1960s and the tremendous social changes that happened, both in Great Britain and the U.S. Shaun plays Morse almost as if he has Asperger’s Syndrome – not very astute at human interaction but unparalleled at understanding the connections that solve an inordinately large amount of murders for the rather small town of Oxford. The great ensemble cast is led by Roger Allam at Morse’s boss and mentor, DI Fred Thursday. The paradox between the young, by-the-book Morse and the grizzled, old-fashioned Thursday makes their interplay always fascinating, especially when Thursday shows Morse that sometimes, you have to rough-up the ruffians to get the truth. Shelved because of COVID, the new season is currently in production and eagerly anticipated.

Now available on Amazon Prime, the BBC detective series ENDEAVOUR is everything a who-dun-it murder mystery should be – thrilling, complex, and engaging.

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