Last week, I stated, “unless CENTRAL PARK decides to spend more time in the beautiful park and less time in Bitsy’s ugly office, the show won’t make it.” And with that, cue up almost an entire episode outside the park. 😞Luckily, even though we spend a lot of time outside the park, it’s still a lot of fun!

Act 1 is a caper with a mysterious thief known as “The Shadow.” Yet, the point of this section is to humanize Bitsy. Yes, she’s super annoying. But this episode gives her a softer side with a childhood flashback that surprisingly includes more penis jokes than an episode of DAVE.

Act 2 is a non-spoken musical montage with our narrator (Josh Gad) playing the violin. This short segment has officially become my all-time favorite in CENTRAL PARK. It’s heartfelt and 😢 worthy, making it one of the saddest montages I’ve seen in an animated series since the FUTURAMA JURRASIC BARK ending.

Check out this must-see episode. Even if you’re not a fan, you will love the latest on Apple TV+.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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