The “lesson” from this show is that the star, script, and production all had “chemistry.” Here’s my season review. E1-2 🤩 “Two episodes premiered, and I am hooked. I loved the colors, the swing, the jazzy music, and the plight of Elizabeth trying to make her mark in a male-dominated field.“ E3 LIVING DEAD THINGS 🤩 “LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY continually turn the screw when dealing with women’s rights in the workplace. It is a wake-up call. The final moments of…

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The team at SFR was mixed on LOKI, the latest entry into the MCU. Eli, Mike, and Tarush gave S2 🤩. And said: LOKI deserves to be mentioned alongside the most heralded entries of the MCU regardless of the medium it’s in.” – Eli “LOKI both as a series and a character, has evolved into something deeper and richer than its prior season could ever have hoped to accomplish. This was an intense and immensely enjoyable season with a commanding…

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