Sadly, E5 has no tie-in with the Backstreet Boys, BLACK AND BLUE album. However, the episode did leave me a little bit “blue” since it’s the weakest of S6. Now, even with a weak addition in the BETTER CALL SAUL universe, a lot happens, and it’s all important stuff. Think of it as more of a big Charlie Brown-worthy “sigh” of relief leading up to the mid-season finale.

Every character has a moment to show themselves at their worse. And their worst is hopefully setting up whatever the big bang will be next week. Out of the multiple stories in E5, the MVP was the welcome return of Lalo (Tony Dalton). I dare not spoil how he returns, nor where. But his connection to the bigger picture in the series is pure brilliance.

By the end of BETTER CALL SAUL, one thing is for sure – not all of the characters will have their Howard (Patrick Fabian) “Namaste” moment. But that’s the point. Audiences are supposed to feel uncomfortable watching the actions of these characters. I can’t wait to continue feeling uncomfortable watching the best series so far in 2022.

It’s available on AMC in the U.S. or Netflix internationally.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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