I wasn’t entirely onboard the ANDOR ship until E6 destroyed my expectations of what could happen in the STAR WARS universe. Since then, I eagerly await another addition of ANDOR. Tony Gilroy has expertly crafted a slow-burn SCI-FI tale that’s the closest STAR WARS has come to making something as dark as the dystopian classic CHILDREN OF MEN. 

This week happens to be the most intense episode without having an action sequence. Instead, our protagonist, Cassian, is wrongly thrown into prison, where every scene involved is painstakingly crafted to make audiences hold their breath in suspense. These prison sequences are the first time in a live-action STAR WARS that we’ve seen how brutal prison can be. Usually, we see the Jedi breaking someone out of jail after being tortured, but we’ve never gone into the details like this.

Even outside of the prison sequences on NARKINA 5, the episode again highlights the empire’s politics, along with a guest cameo that I wouldn’t dare spoil. My only complaint this week is that the episode ends without any actual resolution. Instead, the audience watches a bunch of plot threads dangled. If it’s true that every third episode of ANDOR will deliver a big climax, then I do not doubt that next week’s edition will be must-watch TV. I cannot wait.

The latest episode is available on Disney+. 

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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