OSLO is a look back in time to 1993 when a Norwegian couple created a back door for the Oslo Peace Accords.

The screenplay was written by J.T. Rogers who was the author of OSLO, a Tony award-winning play in 2017. It was directed by Bartlett Sherr, the same director of the off-Broadway and Broadway production of this play. This was his movie directing debut. Steven Spielberg was the Executive Producer.

With all of this creative power and the amazing ensemble which included Ruth Wilson and Andrew Scott, I found this film fascinating, yet still, needing more. I could see this movie as a play in front of a live audience. It needed to stand on its own merit.

There were so many strong, powerful scenes of endless discussions between the PLO and Israeli delegations. They were believable, because of the acting and the words spoken. It made you think and see both sides as human beings and not as enemies. This was the main point of those talks, which as history knows, did fail in the end. But the journey to get to that point and all the thought-provoking “what-if’s” was what made OSLO potent and still extremely necessary to see, in spite of its flaws.

During the discussions, it was said:
“Our peoples live in the past. Let us find a way to live in the present.”
This is still true today almost thirty years later.

OSLO is available to stream on HBO MAX Television.

Aaron "Dobler" Goldstein

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